Policies & Procedures:  Just the Basics

Policies & Procedures: Just the Basics

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Author: Michelle Harris CPA

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1499138539

Number Of Pages: 154

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: So you’ve created a successful business - investing countless hours, volumes of energy and sweat and maybe even a few tears. Now it’s time to protect that business from lost profits, errors and even fraud. When combined with a vision and strategic plan, policies and procedures can create the foundation for a strong and successful operation - ultimately resulting in increased efficiencies, increased profit, and reduced risk of error and fraud when implemented properly. This book can be used as a simple starting point to implement policies and procedures in any organization. The information presented provides a building block to create policies and procedures that fit your unique organization. Processes implemented properly can support efficiency in your organization ultimately leading to a boost in your bottom line.

EAN: 9781499138535